Can I really profit from a teeny tiny email list?

One of the biggest most pervasive myths out there is that “bigger is better.”

This is why you see so many marketeers jumping up and down with tips on how to “grow your IG followers” or “get more Facebook likes.”

THE MYTH: You need a huge email list to have a successful business.


THE TRUTH: You don’t need a big list.


Best of all, a small list with the right people will always outperform a bigger list with other people.


Take a look at one of my clients:

After her first year in business she had an email list size of 200

With 47% open rates – this is a highly engaged group of people!!

In that year she’d generated £15,000 in online sales

Knowing she wanted to increase her income the following year….

She felt under intense pressure to increase her email list rapidly to over 1,000 subscribers

No mean feat – especially when she had a baby on the way!

So of course, knowing me, we looked at the maths…

  1. We calculated her average income per subscriber

£15,000 / 200 = £75

  1. Knowing her income goal for next year was £35,000 we worked backwards to set a goal for her list size

£35,000 / £75 = 467 email subscriber

She was blown away

She’d never thought of looking at it this way

But it makes so much sense

>> Instead of striving and pushing hard to bring in 800 new subscribers to her list

>> She knew she could bring in another 267 over the year – heck she’d already done it once before!

When you base your goals on evidence, on knowledge you can’t help but have greater and confidence in what is possible.

It’s incredibly freeing and takes so much pressure of when you focus on reality instead of shooting for those big lofty unrealistic goals.

It means you have so much more time and energy to focus on the RIGHT people

NEW APPROACH: “I’d rather have 100 people who care instead of 1,000 people who don’t.” This pattern holds true over and over.

It meant that the assumptions MOST people are making are just plain wrong.

It means you don’t need to chase random followers, fans, and subscribers.

You can save HOURS every week by just not playing that game, and instead focusing on a small group of people who ACTUALLY care about what you’re teaching!


Grow your business using this mindset shift

Say it with me: “I’m not trying to appeal to everyone…just the right people.”

I say this over and over everywhere. In my emails. My courses.

You DON’T NEED every Tom, Dick and Harry!




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