If Your Past Predicts Your Future…. what does yours say?

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my Dad!

I’d left the home first thing to meet one of my favourite clients who does amazing work to support homeless people bring more stability and safety into their lives!

Dooh – I left my keys at home

Ever done that too?

By the time I realised – my husband had headed out for the day so I couldn’t get back in the house

I drove by my parents to pick up my spare key, only to find out it lives on my mum’s car keys and she was out for the day too!

So I spent a rare afternoon on my own with my dad!

It’s always lovely seeing my dad, but I’ve noticed that one question he asks {and he always asks} makes me a bit anxious!

“How’s business going? Are you busy?”

And I notice that one of my typical answers is: “Busy! Things have been crazy!”

Yet I know what he’s thinking…

He knows I work from home A LOT {introvert alert} and he sees that as me being on holiday, or “skiving”.

See my Dad is old school!

He worked his whole life for one company, no-one in our family has ever been an entrepreneur before me!

But anyway…

It got me thinking, how often I say this, and I hear others saying the exact same thing “I’m so busy”

So, just for a sec…

Imagine an alien had been watching you for the last week. What would they have seen?


We wake up … roll over … and check Instagram.

Then we go to work, log in, and start reading random business/celebrity blogs. Blog after blog.

Later, after work, we scroll FB and watch TV.


The weird thing is, consuming feels EXCITING…

I want to click that Facebook button and see the latest updates.

I get an endorphin rush when I see someone leaves a comment.

And there are so many cute cat pics

And yet … did I get anything meaningful done? Did I do anything I’ll remember in 10 years?

Will I even remember this stuff next week?

I think most of us have the sinking feeling that we’re wasting a lot of time being pulled left, right and centre by things that are designed to coerce our attention, only to look back and realise … we haven’t actually been living life.

My husband and I recently got hooked on “The Good Wife” it’s scary how quickly we flew through season one – 23 hours of TV and I barely remember enough to chat about it for 5 mins!

We’ve become a nation of reactive spectators.

We read blog post after blog post, email subscription after email subscription.

If we’re stuck on a problem, we jump to Google to find the answer, no experimenting, testing, failing, learning because Google has ALL the answers!

On a daily basis, the biggest risk we take is checking our email as we’re going to the bathroom.

Let’s take a moment…

If I asked you to make a PLAN for your evening or your weekend…

Think about how uncomfortable that makes you feel?

“I don’t want to plan; I just want to RELAX. This is stupid…”

Notice how no one is telling you WHAT to plan.

You can plan to do yoga and meditation all weekend. Take your kids to the park. Hike up a mountain. Even sit and watch TV eating nachos if that’s relaxing to you.

But on thing is for sure…

The PAST is a good predictor of the FUTURE

Most of us instantly AVOID making plans and therefore do the same thing we’ve always done: nothing. Why?

Because we want to stay “flexible.”

I love flexibility too

But I also want to look back on my life and get something done, not just a series of repeat days of blog-reading, Netflix-binging, and random social-media clicking.

Isn’t it time to change?

If you’re growing your biz for more freedom, more abundance

To never depend on your partner financially again

To effortlessly pay your bills and save for retirement

You need to end the money overwhelm

Ditch scarcity and bootstrapping

Stop putting out fires

To PLAN and CREATE a smoother ride!

Maybe you think if you just push hard enough. Make enough sales everything will be alright!

If that’s not panning out how you’d hoped… go check out my 3 STEP technique I use with my clients to create more consistent and smoother growth!

Whether or not you use my material doesn’t matter to me — I just want you to think bigger than you have.

I can take you from never paying yourself a penny out of your business… to realising you could not only pay yourself first but have more than enough left over each month… to using that money to create the life you dreamed of.

And, if you’re already well on your way, and interested in earning more to give back more, I can show you that, too.

I want you to change your mindset to become the CREATOR.

Anyone can resist change to stay “flexible”

Few can create

Yet those who do… create their freedom!




PS. Drop me an email at laura@laura-cook.com (I read every one) and tell me what you want to “get” from your business.



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