The Elephant In The Room

I drew this magnificent elephant a few weeks ago

I’ve quietly been admiring him…

All he took was 2 hours, a piece of charcoal, a photo of an elephant and some encouragement from my art teacher…

And voila!!

I’ve shown a few friends who were so impressed…

If I’m honest I was a bit embarrassed!

And it got me thinking

My talent IS my elephant in the room!!

I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before…

“There is an elephant in the room”

… It’s a metaphorical idiom in English for an important or enormous topic, problem, or risk that is obvious or that everyone knows!

Recently I’ve noticed, my elephant has been…

…my inability to recognise my TALENTS are unique to me

Whether that’s my creative talents, my business strategy talents, my accounting skills, my talent to go deep to solve the root of the problem instead of sticking on a superficial band aid!

Have you ever felt the same?

Whilst so many out there especially in the online space, want to tell you it’s your self belief, you’re keeping yourself small, it’s your mindset….

No it’s not!!

It’s not a lack of confidence, self belief or any of that

I can see where I have natural talent

And where I lack natural talent…


It’s simply been a disconnect

Where these talents are so natural to I can’t comprehend how others aren’t as natural at them too.

And so too often if I hear someone with a problem I can solve it’s too easy to assume…

“Of course they know what to do… “

“It’s not hard they’ll suss it out in no time…”

And I know I’ve missed out on opportunity’s to work with people simply because I’ve made this assumption!

You might describe it as working in the GENIUS ZONE

I don’t know about that,

That sounds like bragging to me!

But what I do know is I need to trust what all my friends and clients say

I believe a lot in having facts and evidence

And the evidence is stacking up!!

So it’s time to upgrade

Time to set my elephant free!

Now over to you,

Take a deep breath and look around are there any elephants lurking in your room?

How are they holding you or your business back?

And what evidence do you have to begin to open up that metaphorical door to set your elephant free?






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