The Money Date Checklist

How to simplify the money piece and confidently focus on what you do best – even if you’re terrible at maths!

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 Ready to confidently feel like your finances are steady and consistent?

Trust that it’s all going to be worth it!

Then the Money Date Checklist  is the perfect practise for you!

:: Imagine having control of your business finances. The Money Date Checklist gives you the exact steps you need to focus on every week, month, quarter to manage your cash flow. The only way to smooth the ride as you replace your salary, scale your business and beyond…! 

:: Think like a CFO. You know that “panicked” feeling when clients pay late, the mortgage is due and your boiler breaks?  Most entrepreneurs spend years re-actively living day to day and NEVER figure this out. 

:: Know your numbers. Trust that quitting a stable salary was worth it! Track the only numbers that matter – miss this critical step and you could kiss all your profits goodbye! 

Remember you started this business because you are AMAZING at what you do, not because of your business finance skills!

So lets simplify the money piece and get you confidently focused on what you do best!

Ready to Date Your Money? Download Your Checklist Now.