In Search of GOLDEN Eggs!

Lately I’ve been thinking back to when I was a little girl and my imagination was captured by this old fable

Do you remember…


You know the one!

How a poor farmer discovered a glittering golden egg one day?

How at first he’s surprised

He even thinks it’s a trick

But day after day, egg after egg…

He swiftly becomes obsessed, rushing to get the new shiny egg each day?

His greed and impatience escalate

And he kills the goose to collect all the eggs

Only to be left with none?!

The farmer destroyed the goose who produced the eggs!

So what the heck is it saying?


It’s easy to assume the paradigm of…

The MORE you produce, the MORE you do, the MORE effective you are!

But if you…

1. Focus exclusively on the golden¬†ūü•ö¬†and completely neglect the goose

>>> You’ll soon be without a goose to produce the eggs

Or if you…

2. Focus exclusively on taking care of your goose without any aim of making golden eggs

>>> You’ll soon run out of funds, food to take care of yourself or your goose.

So there needs to be a BALANCE!!

¬†What really struck me was that it’s the same in life and it’s the same in business!!

I see so many people run there businesses in one of these two states…

1. Focusing on growth and scaling, investing every penny they make back into their business.

Feeling so god darn tired, frustrated, worn out questioning is it worth it. Pushing through challenge after challenge never resting, never stopping.

Believing that when they get there, they’ll be able to stop, earn without working and finally rest!


2. Focusing on what they enjoy, what feels good. Holding tightly to their freedom from responsibly from commitments.

Feeling so frustrated at their lack of income, their accumulation of debts. Shrinking their lives, cutting back to stay afloat.

Believing that this is freedom, choosing what they can do within their available means.

In all my experience working with businesses on their finances…

You need both!!

Just like the fable…

Balancing your focus between the end goal and on yourself!

Too much of one or the other tips everything out of balance

And that’s where I love to support business owners with a holistic approach as they cultivate financial freedom there way!

This for sure hit home and resonated with me

I find myself yo-yo-ing between the two having seasons focused on growth followed by seasons focused on freedom

It’s a daily process of bringing the two into a harmonious balance!

How did it sit for with you did anything come up?

I’d love to know,






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