3 Steps to GROW with Certainty

Have you noticed that your best months in business are often followed by your worst months ever?

Feel like you’re constantly putting out fires, hustling for the next sale?

Always wondering when things will take off, when you’ll hit your next growth target?

Are you ready to know you’ll have more money left over each and every month?

Ready for a much smoother ride instead of the highly volatile ups and downs?

When are things just “going to work” already?

If this is you then I want to share with you a 3 step technique that I introduce into all businesses I work with.


The first thing I invite you to understand is that you’re running around trying to do things re actively putting out fires, fixing problems that needed to have been sorted out yesterday.

So your results are all over the place… highly volatile, high stress with huge wins and big losses.


So us humans…

We don’t like stress, we prefer consistency… we LOVE certainty.

And… you guessed it we HATE not knowing what is going to happen.

Yet we default to the high stress methods anyway…

What the heck is going on here?


It’s our natural fight and flight mechanism kicking in and we don’t have an alternative.

It’s how many of us PUSH through the start-up phase – with grit, determination, perseverance.

And now… you’re desperate to be through the other side with more certainty, safety, trust that the money will be there.

So this 3 step technique can take you from these highly volatile, high stress patterns to a much smoother ride with more consistent growth with a lot less stress.

No one starts their business to be more stressed, you started it to make money in a way that enables you to create a life of more freedom and do what you love!

So instead of reactively throwing new ideas out to your list, investing in the next shiny program that is going to “fix everything” in this reactive, paniced, high stress way…

What we look to do is put in these 3 steps:




I find when we put this technique in your business {AND into your personal life with money too} it takes away so much overwhelm, so much stress and it all feels so much smoother, more abundant and all together more enjoyable

So with every goal you’ll set a defined time scale to review outcomes. Then reflect {not react!} on what’s working or what’s not working! Next you respond and take action for the pre-defined period of time.

That’s when growth begins again – in a steady, reliable, consistent way.

It all happens in a simple way; you do the work and you see the growth.

Instead of it being stressful and volatile.

Go set your goal AND review, reflect, respond!




PS. Want you’re business to feel smoother, more consistent? Send me an email at laura@laura-cook.com (I read every one) and tell me what’s happening in your business right now.


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