Are They YOUR Goals…?

Yesterday it slapped me in the face like a wet kipper!!

TOO MANY entrepreneurs are busy pursuing other people’s goals, instead of figuring out and pursuing the goals best suited to them.

Being pulled along by the daily onslaught of should s, from friends, family and media…

 Who suggest you should do everything from building a business empire, transforming the world to solving your most complicated problems with their 5 step checklist!

 Sticking with YOUR OWN goals – is so much easier said than done!

 Firstly it requires radical honesty…

>> where you are, what are your limits and what are your strengths?

>> what do you need and what do you value?

 Plus a big does of COURAGE and personal maturity to keep returning to YOUR path.

 Accepting who you are for better or worse, and fully embracing it!

 Only when you keep picking goals that FIT you… will the payoffs be worth it.

 You’ll gather more successes, feel more fulfilled, and experience a sense of ease that you can’t ever experience when trying to live someone else’s life.

It’s these strong souls that I am here to support

To up level their lives through their business

The most profound way this is possible is to boost profits and consistent cash flow

Because with more money – you have more choices, you have more freedom, you are more creative

So I’d LOVE, love, love to know… what are the big goals you are pursuing? And are they all yours?





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