You are in business because you long to make a difference and do the work you love. You’ve implemented your ideas, put yourself out there and seen some success.

You dream of a successful business, on your terms. With the financial freedom to do what you love, make a meaningful impact, get well paid for it all WITHOUT working your ass off.

But no matter how hard you try, how many books you read or strategies you put in place you realise that you’re not where you thought you’d be by now. You can see all the hustle, the discounting and overdelivering has kept you busy but hasn’t really helped. You want more for your family, yourself and your business.

>   Maybe you’ve left behind a stable well-paid career to set up your meaningful business

>   Maybe you pursued meaningful, creative work right off that bat but have always been told, you’ll never make money that way.

Either way you’ve got big dreams and ideas – you have seen the new economy developing, you’ve read some success stories you know it is more possible now than ever before to life this life you dream of.

You’re ready to replace your old scarcity mindset with a new abundance mindset.
You’re ready to stop dabbling in your business and step up to take 100% responsibility {on your terms, of course!}.

I support creative, heart centred female entrepreures who are ready for greater financial freedom and to feel less anxious and limited by money.

After earning my degree in Business Management and becoming a Chartered Management Accountant I spent several years in a corporate finance career before, I hit burnout!

Chronic fatigue from too many years working 70 hour weeks, eating on the go, international travel and frankly taking zero care of myself. But more than that, I felt trapped and lost in a corporate job where the focus was on making money for money’s sake!

So I left my corporate job with a huge sense that I needed to give back to something more meaningful, so I set out working with several charities. And BOOM – I hit burnout again! This time I felt trapped by the fact that no matter how hard we worked, the money just never went far enough.

I literally went from one extreme to the other having money but no meaning, to having meaning but no money.

Since those breakdownthrough’s, I’ve dramatically re-designed every aspect of my life and business based upon my own definition of success. For me that means earning a healthy income, doing meaningful work AND living a meaningful life.

Because the truth is, the more money you have the more you can impact change in the world, support others less fortunate and take great care of yourself and loved ones. And, whether you like it or not, MONEY is here to stay. It’s up to us to step up – decided how we earn it and how we spend it. So, let’s make it count!

Every business owner I speak to is ultimately seeking their own version of financial freedom. If you’re honest with yourself you set up your business to have;

#  Freedom to RUN YOUR BUSINESS YOUR WAY… with clients you adore.

# Freedom to LIFE YOUR LIFE… enjoying precious moment with those you love most.

# Freedom to BE YOUR TRUESELF… taking precious care of you {100% guilt free}

I love making money doing what I love, but I know that a rich life is less about money and more about freedom. And so I know this is all possible, when you combine the right money mindset with the right money strategies.

I Believe Women Can Be Successful Entrepreneurs… AND Balance Our Ambition With More Freedom and Abundance.

Ready to Grow a Profitable Business that is Designed to Fund your Ideal Lifestyle too!

Take your first step to financial freedom.

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