My plans for 2020…

I’ve taken a lot of time in December to reflect on the last 4 years I’ve been in business

What went well…

What I want less of…

What I want more of…

Over Christmas, I visited all my family

Damian and I {and little Izzy!} stayed in the Lake District for New Years


I worked less than 2 days over 2 weeks and spent more time away from my phone than in the whole of 2019.

It gave me so much needed “me” time.

And in that time and silence, I was able to reconnect creatively

As you may have seen I’m a planner, I love goals setting, breaking down big complex projects into manageable micro steps…

Yet I totally recognise that when you over plan, things become rigid and my creativity gets all wrung out

That is why I’m a huge fan of setting intentions,

Intentions allow you to plot a course and bend around obstacles

Intentions allow space for the unknown to guide you when you need it

My intentions for 2020, as I know so far are…

1) Be persistently ME!

2) Ask myself “do I want to do this?” and “why do I want to do this?” before I make a decision

3) Go 100% all in once I’ve made a decision and follow right the way through

4) Follow my gut

5) Seek wisdom of mentors who BOTH (1) fully understand my business and (2) do business the introvert way!

6) Cultivate a culture of collaborative relationships

7) Deepen my non business interests

8) Follow both my intuition AND my intelligence

9) Have more fun

10) Do what is “right” even if it’s not mass market popular

11) Create more “listening space” in this “noisy shouting world”

12) Strengthen my innovation skills

13) Improve more business owners {and their family’s and their teams} well-being by radically reducing their financial stress

14) Be more vulnerable

15) Demonstrate and role model more of my beliefs


From a business perspective, I’ve decided that this year is based on a couple of things:

1) Sharing my content, without being attached to a sale or someone following

2) Deepening relationships on a 1:1 level

3) Building a larger group of Entrepreneurs to cultivate a WIN:WIN economy

4) Breaking a ton of marketing “rules” to do this the introverted way


This week I am back in the saddle…

If 2020 is the year you are growing your business or the year to fix your financial pickle

Send me an email at

It might make sense to work together 🙂






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